About Me

Living the live 24/7, 365

I do this for the church folks!

There are two things that I know well: the Word of God and how to make people smile. I have been a seionr pastor, youth pastor and a minister of music. I have also swept church floors, painted church walls and worked the sound and video boards. As such, I know the church, I know church people, and I love them both!

I love Christian church culture. From the extremely traditional church hats and gowns to the modern Hiphop & R&P culture and everything in between. To me... the church is where it's at! I celebrate who we are as the church and how we do what we do from the powerful to the funny ame everything else.

I am now following God's instruction to entertain, educate and inform the children of God while inspiring them to turn their motivation into motivACTION. Let's do this thing together and represent the Kingdom of God 24/7, 365 with our lives!