by Corey Buckner in Coco & Meeks
November 17, 2018

People who walk out of your life will try to ruin your new life when their new life fails.They will try to destroy everything you built after them with the hope of reclaiming the life they had with you. Do not let them destroy your life yet again. They destroyed you once when they left & they will gladly destroy you again in your current life to get back in. They do not care how they hurt you or others, they only want the comfort and stability you once offered THEM.

You have every right to rebuild your life without them. You have every right to prosper while they suffer. You have every right to succeed while they fail. You have every right to ignore their plight while you focus your love and attention on the new people in your life. You do not owe them parity, you do not owe them a life that is on par with your new life. You are the survivor who persevered when they walked away and pursued their new life without you.

They made the choice to leave, and whether supportive or reluctantly, you made the choice to let them go. Hold on to the new life that you created as the result of THEIR decision to leave. Forgive and forget. Forgive them for leaving you high and dry, and forget that the new life you have obtained was ever put on hold while you fought through your old life.

Do not let the old wine tamper your new wine, and do not destroy your new wine by trying to place it in an old wine skin. 2019 is your year to carry new wine in new wine skins. Thank the ones who left for carrying away their busted old baggage and making way for you to prepare to carry your new wine.

Where you are now, THIS is your new life. THIS is your new wine. Resist the urge to neglect your new wine in order to try and save the old batch. Throw out the old and focus all your attention on cultivating the new wine, making it as delicious and enjoyable as possible. Do not look back to things that are behind & do not sacrifice all that you have become to return to all that you overcame. Close that chapter of your life, turn the page and keep living. You deserve it!

You deserve to ENJOY YOUR NEW LIFE!

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